Kazira Orphans

Part of our profits goes to help orphaned children and surrounding communities to earn their education by sponsoring them to go to School and feeding the children. We are a Uganda community-based Organization, with our concentration around Lake Bunyonyi and we are dedicated to helping the children around Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.

Kazira Orphans is run by Charles Kukunda, who was born and raised in Lake Bunyonyi. Charles and other community members identified a number of problems that were being experienced in their community, which were related to high school dropouts, Child labor, early marriages and HIV/AIDS. Charles was a victim of school problems, and he spent most of his time out of school after his secondary school and failed to get money to pay for his school fees at the University.

Charles was sponsored to join Kabale University in 2010. He was enrolled for a degree in ICT and completed his degree in ICT in 2013. Charles is, therefore, a University graduate, who is very keen to help his community follow the route he passed through.

Kazira Orphanage rests upon the principle of provision, holding fast to the idea that providing children with an education equips them to become the best decision makers of tomorrow. Supplying students with a daily meal has become an important part of this program also, as children need nourishment in order to learn.

Please visit our website at www.kaziraorphans.org