Nile High Bungee in Uganda

bungee jumpingAn exciting way to admire the splendour of the world’s longest river, the ancient Nile River in Africa, is by taking a deep breath and bungee jumping. Bungee jumping presents a unique opportunity to appreciate the African landscape from the platform high up from where you’ll be jumping.

The jump, which is 44 metres off the ground, takes place in the Ugandan town Jinja, nearby the spot where Lake Victoria merges with the Nile River. There are various options to choose from, such as a full dunk, which is a brief dip in the Nile, full moon jumps, night jumps and tandem jumps.

River Nile Water Rafting

whitewater raftingRiver Nile Jinja is rated one of the best whitewater rafting destinations in the world. The Nile has rapids ranging from level 3 through level 5, and rafting distances that will last you an entire day.

The adrenaline pounding experience is epitomized by the lush green scenery along the Nile and the beautiful wildlife including birds all add to the overall experience. A full day of rafting covers 20km from the Haven (not far from Bujagali), experiencing up to 9 rapids, four of which are level 5 rapids, finishing at Intanda.

Canoe Trek on Lake Bunyonyi

Canoe TrekLake Bunyonyi is located in southwestern Uganda in Kabale District. The lake derives its name from “Small Birds” that inhabit this place. Lale Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda and is relatively stable throughout the whole year since it has few waves. Lake Bunyoyni is one lake where you can ride a canoe to visit the twenty-nine (29) islands in this lake including floating islands and the punishment island where young girls who would get pregnant before marriage would be dumped and left to die. Each island has history attached to it, so your two-hour canoe ride with some of the best guides from Magic Wildlife Adventures can be truly rewarding.

There are so many activities around Lake Bunyonyi which include Birding Trips, Hiking, Nature Walks, Story Tellers and homestay where you get true/authentic cultural experience of true Bakiga home.

There are so many lodges around Lake Bunyonyi which include Birdnest, Arcadia Cottages, Bunyonyi Echo Resort, Bunyonyi Overland, Crater Bay Cottages, among others.

For those interested in tracking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Bunyonyi is one of the best places to stay. From any of the mentioned lodges, you can drive for one hour to Ruhija, track gorillas and return to enjoy activities in Bunyonyi.