Magic Wildlife Adventures is committed to providing high-quality trips at the lowest price possible while giving each client personalized attention. You will find our friendly and knowledgeable team ready to assist you in planning your holiday. We will create an itinerary for you based on your requirements and budget, but with help and advice from us. Our commitment is to blend service and quality with the magic of the scenic diversity, the rich culture and the exceptional wildlife of this exquisite region.

male lion

The main difference is that we offer safaris not only to get you safely from home but also to help organize your tour and include anything you would want on a safari, be it community interaction, cultural exploration or gorilla tours – without necessarily impacting negatively on our ecosystem. Magic Wildlife Adventures really can offer you everything you need.

Magic Wildlife Adventures provides expert knowledge and advice on transport issues, security concerns, and what to expect on your safari. Our safaris are mostly conducted in 4×4 safari vehicles with a pop-up roof for ideal game viewing.

Our guides bring together the most diverse, efficient and comprehensive tourism service from a completely native perspective. The greatest asset of Magic Wildlife Adventures is its amazing team. The clients will only interact with the best and most knowledgeable personnel who are our tour guides.


Whether, you want a honeymoon vacation, African adventure, the ultimate African safari or a fantastic family holiday, East Africa offers it all and something very special. With Magic Wildlife Adventures, we give discounted safaris to both group and students tours, which is very rare in travel agencies.

Magic Wildlife Adventures is here to offer you the best photographic African safaris, eco-tourism and adventure travel. All our trips are tailor-made to our guests’ specifications – so no two trips will be alike. Whatever your special interest, we have something that will meet your needs.

We do all the research, plan your itinerary, provide the necessary information and cover all details. All you need to do is pack your bags and prepare for the African vacation of a lifetime.

Magic Wildlife Adventures is run by local people who know East Africa well, especially Uganda and Rwanda, who have lived there and who know the people and places. The company is run by people who were born and raised in Africa and who have continued to travel all around the region – not only to refresh their knowledge but because of the great love and passion that they have for tourism.

NOTE: Part of our profits goes to help orphaned children and surrounding communities to earn their education by sponsoring them to go to school and feeding the children.

So travelling with Magic Wildlife Adventures will help to make a total difference in a needy child’s life. You can schedule your safari to meet these little angels, if you wish, in their communities and call it a community walk.

For any Uganda or Rwanda safaris, don’t hesitate to contact Magic Wildlife Adventures today to allow us to work our magic for you to experience an enjoyable and memorable safari tour.